The Capsule Collection | READY TO WEAR SS2019/20

“by G” Brand was founded by Ghina Ghandour who has been present on
social media as an influencer, due to her ability to style and beautifully
harmonize clothes in a classic approach with a special twist. “I wanted to
create a brand that reflects my perception of fashion, expresses my style
and approach. The main purpose is partake in a mission of lifting women’s
moods through joy, colors and style of my clothes”, says Ghina Ghandour,
talking about “by G” and its passionately done work.
The idea behind the creation of “by G” was to design pieces that
commend the feminine features in a good and classy taste, to offer the
enjoyment of simple sophistication of a modern woman, and for
beautifully clothing various shapes and sizes, believing that fashion is a
state of mind, not a size range.
In collaboration with Speetra Design Studio, a design focused innovation
firm, that aims at digitizing the fashion industry by introducing 3D Printed
textiles and clothing, we took part in New York Fashion Week, under the
title of SUSTAINABILITY for the launch of the latest customized collection
that features four pieces from Spring/Summer 2020 collection.
What makes this collection outstanding among others is our approach,
which allows for a zero-waste, cruelty-free and eco-friendly process, with
the ability to make 3D Printed fashion take part in daily wearable pieces,
an innovation that we are pioneering with in the region

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