I END TO BEGIN’ by Lebanese artist Mazen Khaddaj.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday 19th of February 2019. The opening reception will start at 6pm in the presence of the artist.

Khaddaj’s latest exhibition will feature his most important works to date. Khaddaj, a talented multi-disciplinary artist explores his spiritual awakening using a variety of mediums. The exhibition will showcase the artists most recent works; 13 mixed media paintings on canvas accompanied with a video installation containing 5 video performances.

Khaddaj known for his distinguished bold and flat colors has been gaining respect for his daring concepts and themes. This controversial young artist allies art with issues of the human inner state of being, identity, sexuality and gender.

The paintings depict geometrical and exaggerated figures and human features in an amusing unconventional and abstract way.  Khaddaj unveils his latest art video-installations which demand an intimate reading from the viewer.

This is an artist to watch, and an exhibition not to be missed!


“I End to Begin” is a series of paintings and video performances expressing my latest spiritual experiences.

After three years of living in Leipzig, Germany,  I started shifting and reshaping my beliefs; perhaps I saw this as a way to fit in faster.  Eventually, an explosion of spiritual awakening hit me, and along with it came my creations. I became captivated by consciousness and the soul; it was so interesting for me to study my thoughts on the infinite possibilities and mystical mythologies of these notions.

I believe my Druse background was a starting point for the idea and inspiration for this series. The concept of reincarnation was like a window opening new dimensions for my body, mind, and soul to travel through.

“The Pentagon” video installation includes five video performances depicting the fight between different traditions, cultures, and religions. This is the struggle of forming an identity and a belief system that feels like me wherever I live, whether it is in Germany or in Lebanon.

“I End to Begin” is a quest for unanswered questions and an attempt to work through a wavering identity. One adventure after another, my curiosity multiplies and possibilities arise.

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