Kempinski Summerland’s Bartender wins 1st Prize at the “Ultimate Bartender Championship”

Kempinski Summerland’s top talent recognised with the 1st prize at the “Ultimate Bartender Championship” organised by “Monkey Shoulder Whiskey” this year in Lebanon.

Tarek Alameddine, bartender at Kempinski Summerland, won all six challenges after competing with different talents from Lebanon on history of the brand, whole distillery, global knowledge, service, GP rounds and a speed challenge.

Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort supports hard work, creativity and innovation among all its talents pushing them to achievements on both personal and professional levels. As such, Tarek will be flying to Athens in November to meet with all the high local and global Monkey Shoulder company management team to learn from their expertise.

Monkey Shoulder is a Blended Malt Scotch Whisky owned by the William Grant & Sons family, owners of Glenfiddich & The Balvenie Single Malts, Hendrick’s Gin and Grant’s Whisky.

Tarek Alameddine

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