Saint Severius High School in Msaytbeh launches its academic year under a new management following a comprehensive renovation

Under the patronage of Archbishop Mor Clemis, the Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Beirut, His Holiness Daniel Kourieh, Saint Severius High School in Msaytbeh launched its new academic year featuring a complete renovation. Being the oldest Syriac school in Beirut, Saint Severius High School has played a pioneering role in the education landscape in Lebanon. The opening ceremony was attended by the Archbishop Mor Clemis Daniel Kourieh, Chairman of the Board Mr. Edmond Moutran, board members, the newly appointed principal Mrs. Mona Shbaklo, teachers, students, as well as a host of political, religious, media and social figures.  

Since Mr. Edmond Moutran took charge of Saint Severius High School and its administration in June 2018, he worked relentlessly to transform it into a modern advanced learning community. To achieve his vision, Mr. Moutran has developed new operational methods and equipped it with state-of-the-art technologies, as per international standards. The new renovation was paralleled by the appointment of Mrs. Mona Shbaklo as the new principal of the school.

In his speech, the Archbishop Daniel Kourieh praised this institution, embracing all Lebanese since its foundation in 1957. “Syriacs succeeded in establishing themselves as an integral part of the Lebanese diversified fabric, being the best example of co-existence and patriotism, while their schools played a prominent role in this aspect. Despite the demographic changes and many other challenges, Saint Severius High School is still the heartbeat of the community, pursuing its religious, spiritual, humanitarian and national mission to keep the Syriac pulse alive”.

“I am pleased to announce the start of a new academic year at the historic Saint Severius High School in Msaytbeh, following the renovation and modernization we implemented. We are keen to provide an advanced learning environment to our students to develop their skills, improve their academic performance and reinforce the Syriac people bond with their land,” said Mr. Edmond Moutran, Saint Severius High School Chairman of the Board of directors. “Today, Mona Shbaklo was appointed as the new principal bringing her extensive experience in the academic field to Saint Severius High School. She looks forward to establishing a true partnership with the school educational units, ensure the new curricula launch is supported by the required technical and digital tools. We are confident we will create a positive impact, enhancing and consolidating the education process,” Mr. Moutran added.

“Despite all challenges, education in Lebanon remains a real asset which succeeded in positioning Lebanon on the education regional map throughout the years”, said Mrs. Mona Shbaklo Saint Severius High School principal. “Parents are every child’s first teacher, and I believe that by working together, we can make sure your child’s social, emotional, and academic needs are met. Together, we can develop integrated personalities and a healthy citizenship,” she added.

It is worth mentioning that Saint Severius High School was established in 1957, to shine in its area and behold new generations of successful students as they pursue their future careers in Lebanon and abroad.

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