A treatment that makes you look 5 years younger!

Sothys Paris introduces its star cream “La Crème 128” at Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace

 During a Tea Time gathering held at Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace, September Bloom, the exclusive agent of Sothys Paris in Lebanon, in collaboration with Elixir Spa & Health Club at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel introduced the ultimate in luxe face creams: the new “La Crème 128”.

Gathering a host of skincare aficionados from different age groups, specialized and professional estheticians offered guests a personalized and thorough skin assessment addressing their concerns and recommending facial treatments and skin care products that are designed to enhance their skin on the long-term. The gathering was also an opportunity for guests to explore the entire range of Sothys Paris beauty products and treatments available at Elixir Spa & Health Club.

“Sothys’ star cream, “La Crème 128”, is the product of innovative biotechnological procedures and is a result of five years of intensive research,” said Lara Mansour, Managing Director and Owner of September Bloom. “It contains three powerful ingredients that boost its anti-aging abilities: stem cells from the Sothys rose, porcelain flower oil and peach leaf extract”.

Unique to the brand, the Sothys rose was specially cultured in honor of Mr Bernard Mas, the founder of Sothys. Using cutting-edge technology, stem cells from the Sothys rose that are rich in active phyto-molecules such as polyphenols, sugars and proteins, are harvested and preserved at the highest level of integrity, which enables the cream to deliver its regenerative powers to the skin. The Sothys rose stem cells promotes renewal of dermal stem cells, which ensures longevity of youthful-looking skin.

Precious porcelain flower oil is the second ingredient that complements the action of the Sothys rose stem cell, while peach leaf extract stimulates stress-resistant proteins that improves cell function. Together, these three ingredients are key to the concept of Vitagene, which aims to preserve the skin’s natural youth by protecting and stimulating the skin’s gene. Clinical tests on a panel of 40 women have shown that 95% reported smoother, lifted and more luminous skin after using “La Crème 128” for a month.

“In a time when quick fixes and surgical procedures abound and looking for a youthful result from invasive treatments is common, it is very important to show women that investing in long-term care of their skin is necessary and inevitable in order to maintain its ultimate health,” added Lara Mansour.

Complementing “La Crème 128”, is a high-end and highly effective facial treatment “The Secrets de Sothys Face Excellence Treatment”. This treatment is an invigorating two-hour treatment that combines the use of “La Crème 128”, along with a host of other Sothys products including a modelling serum, modelling balm, tightening serum and biocellulose anti-aging mask, a full arsenal that will ensure a woman will look 4.5 years younger by the time she walks out the door.

Such a luxurious line and cream deserve only the best in packaging and for “La Crème 128”, Sothys partnered with fine porcelain makers, Bernardaud, to create porcelain jars that are unique to the brand. Each jar is handcrafted by Bernardaud’s artisans and individually numbered. A piece of art in itself, the jar won the Formes de Luxe prize at the Luxepack show in Monaco.

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