Ana Agra Association’s Annual “School Spirit” Ceremony in Cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education

Ana Agra Association held its annual ceremony in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to honor the efforts of schools participating in the “School Spirit” program which aims at promoting reading as a lifelong habit among learners. The celebration took place at Issam Fares Hall at the American University of Beirut, hosted by the “Neighbourhood Initiative” which is directed by Eng. Mona Hallaq. 400 learners attended the event from 10 public schools from all Lebanese governorates and six educators/ school administrative members were awarded.

The ceremony included a speech by the representative of the Minister of Education and Higher Education and Director of MEHE regional in Beirut, Mr. Mohamed EI Jamal. In his speech, Mr. Jamal praised the efforts of Ana Agra Association and its determination to promote reading for it to become a daily passion among learners, and enlighten them, enriching their minds and souls. Mr. Jamal along with Mrs. Rima Musallam, Ana Agra Association’s Executive Director, awarded the winners.

Mrs. Lubna AI—KhaIiI, Vice President of the Association, spoke about the Association’s efforts to make quality learning equally accessible to all children as well as sustainable, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Subsequently Mrs. Maryam Moubassaleh, representing the Association’s volunteers, delivered a speech honoring the writer Emily Nasrallah, who recently passed away leaving us with her immortal work.

Finally, Fatima Shahrour, whom had graduated from a public school before attending the American University of Beirut to study chemistry, spoke to the children inspiring them that they could also be where she is now, and that through hard work dreams could come true.. .

The ceremony ended with an entertaining show and learners were provided with stories for the writer Emily Nasrallah.

The ceremony is part of the “School Spirit” reading program, which is implemented by Ana Agra Association, along with several other programs that support education across Lebanon.


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