Bridgestone’s premium touring tyre – Turanza T005 rolls into MEA auto stores

The new Turanza T005 brings motorists best in class comfort and a quieter, smoother and safer ride

Bridgestone Middle East and Africa unveiled today, Turanza T005 premium touring tyre at a dealer launch event in Jordan.

Developed and produced with the most advanced technology and design, Bridgestone Turanza T005 delivers outstanding comfort and a smoother, quieter and safer journey.

The T005 is targeted squarely at motorists who prioritize smooth handling and the most comfortable ride possible from their vehicle – without sacrificing safety. Bridgestone has made this happen with a host of enhancements to improve ride comfort, quietness, wear life, dry handling and wet braking

The tyre ‘sipes’ – the grooves cut into the tread area – are cut at a higher angle to soften tyre impact on the road, reducing noise in the cabin. ‘Chamfering’ of the sipe edges prevents the tyre from deforming and ensures flat contact with the road to improve braking performance. Meanwhile, for better wet performance, Bridgestone has applied its Nano Pro-Tech technology – which strengthens the tyre material on a molecular level – with a compound agent to reduce heat generation and energy loss, both of which improve performance on wet roads. An optimized contact shape ensures the T005 applies consistent pressure on the road, to reduce shock and impact noise for better comfort.

“Every motorist has their own driving style and demands from their vehicle, which is why Bridgestone’s tyre range is so broad” Commented Berna Akinci, General Manager, Marketing at Bridgestone MEA. “The new Turanza T005 premium touring tyre is a flagship product in the Bridgestone portfolio providing best-in-class comfort and high level performance which lets the drivers feel safe and lets them enjoy driving.”

Manufactured to provide a premium driving experience with the safety and performance Bridgestone is known for, the T005 is ideally suited to touring sedans and similar vehicles favored by longer distance drivers.

Bridgestone demonstrated the new tyre’s capabilities at its launch event in Jordan, which saw dealers experience the T005 premium comfort and performance in the real world during a scenic drive through Jordan’s twisting mountain roads to the Manja Circuit. Here, the tyre’s smoothness over changing surfaces, handling capabilities and braking power were all highlighted through a series of challenging on-track events.


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