Huawei Mate 10 lite Takes Part in EDEX 2018

 Huawei took part in the first edition of EDEX, the education and orientation exposition, organized by Promofair from March 1st till March 4th at Beirut’s seaside arena (previously known as Biel). This exhibition is seen as the first of its kind to offer orientation services to high school students in Lebanon, thus becoming a factor in guiding them towards making the right decision about their future specialization and profession. Different universities were present at this exposition to promote their latest specializations and discuss with students about potential academic and career paths.

As for Huawei’s participation in the exhibition, it served the purpose of revealing the latest technology trends, and showing students and educational institutions the importance and the benefits of technology in the educational sector, especially nowadays. The attendees had the unique opportunity to experience the latest Huawei Mate 10 lite device which is famous for its four cameras. On the occasion, Huawei launched a selfie contest on their stand at EDEX inviting visitors to take their best selfie with the device and post it on their Instagram account. One participant turned out to be the lucky winner of a Huawei Mate 10 lite, after receiving the highest number of likes on his picture.

Huawei was present at EDEX for four consecutive days, following their main objective of providing consumers with the best technology to make their lives easier. This presence would further help students in the process of choosing the right major that matches their aspirations according to scientific foundations and rules in this technology driven era. This type of guidance is crucial today more than ever, since we are living in the fast age of modern technologies, which puts great responsibility on this generation to keep up with the evolution, to develop their expertise and skills, and to prepare for their future in that mindset.


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