The new hot spot for the kitchen: GROHE Red delivers kettle-hotwater at the touch of a button

Electronic child lock feature for parental peace of mind

Low energy costs thanks to excellent insulation and ‘holiday’ mode

No more water wasted by overfilling electric kettles

GROHE is committed to fulfilling all consumer needs in terms of water enjoyment. While the GROHE Blue kitchen system supplies chilled and filtered water with optional – still, medium and sparkling– carbonation, GROHE Red delivers kettle-hotwater for instantly served hot beverages, soups and otherfoods. Now GROHE is relaunching its hot water system as a new and even smarter model responding to the diverse needs of users around the globe.

A ‘hot spot’ in the kitchen – safe, smart and efficient

The new GROHE Red instantly provides water heated to 100 degrees Celsius for making tea, for speeding upmeal preparation or for soaking pots and pans. The new sleek knob featuring two self-explanatory icons could not be easier to use and incorporates a smart child lock device for complete peace of mind. Even the spout is safe to touch, being perfectly insulated and never getting uncomfortably hot.

Complying with the European standards for Energy Efficiency Class A, GROHE Red is the only kitchen system of its kind to feature a “holiday” mode. It caps the maximum water temperature inside the boiler at 60 degrees Celsius, resulting in lower energy costs. This feature once again demonstrates GROHE’s outstanding commitment to sustainability, a goal pursued as a top priority by the sanitary manufacturer.

The right GROHE Red for every kitchen

With GROHE Red being available in numerous variants, everybody can be sure of finding the right model to meet their specific needs. The M-sized boiler with its capacity of four litres is perfect for small families and will fit even in the narrowest of sink cupboards, while its L-sized sibling is large enough to fulfil the requirements of offices and larger households. Both boilers are exceedingly resistant to corrosion, with the water tank made of high-quality titanium. Each GROHE Red starter set comes with a filter to protect the system against limescale and impurities while at the same time improving the taste of the water. These filters are available in five different variants to be selected in accordance with local water supply conditions.

With its uniquely slim design and the variety of different looks, the new GROHE Red will blend in seamlessly with virtually any kitchen decor. Apart from the Duo models, which allow you to also tap mixed cold and hot water like a conventional kitchen sink faucet, there are two Mono models which exclusively supply boiling water. The latter are ideally suited to sit alongside GROHE Blue Home or a pre-existing kitchen faucet.

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